Hire an HR Consultants? 4 points to consider

 You may be wondering what benefit an HR consultant can bring to your business. The answer depends on what level of confidence you have in the legal compliance and effectiveness of your existing policies, procedures and practices. If you have had a competent trained professional or consultant review these recently, and feel comfortable, please stop […]

Are you listening NOW?!

Long before Harvey Weinstein was a household word, I have been warning clients that liability for sexual or other unlawful harassment is a C level management failure. Management is charged with a duty to assure that the company is not unduly exposed to foreseeable liability. Employer liability for sexual harassment has been the law of […]

Fair Labor Standards Act

I cannot stress enough how important it is for every employer to make sure that they are complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act (the law regulating payments for minimum wage). Let me tell you why: 1) The FLSA awards attorneys fees to a prevailing employee (but not the employer) and attorneys fees are the […]