Stuart Rosenfeldt

Stuart Rosenfeldt practiced labor and employment law from 1980 until 2014. He was Board Certified by the Florida Bar in that practice area. In fact, he Chaired the Florida Bar Labor and Employment Law Certification Committee which Florida lawyers are required to pass before being acknowledged as experts in the field. 

In his 34 year legal career, Mr. Rosenfeldt primarily represented management in all aspects of labor and employment law. He has a diverse array of knowledge and experience litigating and trying cases; and coaching, counselling and training management personnel. He is a Certified Diversity Trainer, trained mediator, former arbitrator and a skilled training facilitator. 

Today, Mr. Rosenfeldt serves as a powerful asset to businesses as an HR consultant. He keeps businesses out of trouble by anticipating Labor and Employment issues before they occur. 

Brian Eichelhart, JD, SHRM

Brian Eichelhart was Vice-President of Administration/Human Resources for Avatar Airlines with over 30 years of experience in HR and Consulting. Brian has a strong background in strategic and operational planning, performance improvement, regulatory compliance, training and critical thinking. Brian worked with Publix, NMA HFA/SESAC (Blackstone), Wellness Centers of South Florida and Broward Sheriff’s Office among other companies.

Brian has been instrumental helping companies with ADA (Disability), I.P., SOX, Title VII, ERISA, OSHA and FMLA.

Brian graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence cum laude from John Marshall Law School and a B.A. from Florida Atlantic University.

Brian is an active member of SHRM and NHRA.

Brian was an Adjunct instructor at Nova and a college instructor for City College in Ft. Lauderdale.

Brian is the author of a book titled The Human in Human Resources scheduled for release June 2020 KDP Amazon

HR Risk Advisor

At  HRRiskAdvisor, Mr. Rosenfeldt has been able to apply his knowledge and experience to help employers find and solve problems before they get too large. His experience as a trial lawyer is invaluable in identifying and prioritizing issues based on level of risk to the employer; and developing a plan to avoid or solve those issues at an early stage. We also provide training and manager development coaching to give management the tools to lead their employees to better performance. 

In His Own Words

My insights into how juries, arbitrators or the press will view information can benefit any employer in deciding its strategy in a crisis. I am adept at counseling and training management on day to day employment issues or enhancing their understanding and ability to address HR issues. I am collaborative and can help focus a team on reaching its goals. Because of my legal experience on the front line, I understand how to triage and prioritize an employer's objectives and address the larger risks up-front. Typically, the greatest risk is exposure to FLSA litigation which can have disastrous impact on a small business. 

I conduct compliance audits to assure that employers can protect themselves from litigation and DOL audits.  The typical next greatest risk is discrimination and harassment claims. I conduct an audit of policies, and actual practices and procedures to assure that your workplace is shielded from these claims. Often this requires management and employee training which I offer at modest rates.  I also assist with workplace and harassment investigations as well as Unemployment Claims. Ask about my fractional HR Director Service and my new business start-up counselling.