Announcing our Specialized Harassment Prevention Training

HRRiskAdvisors has completed our new Sexual Harassment Module and we are pleased to offer it to our clients. We believe that the 2-hour training will not only comply with best practices but will initiate a culture change that will continue to improve your workplace. Our interactive model will provide your managers and employees with:

  • Knowledge of what constitutes unlawful harassment, how to prevent it, and how to complain
  • Awareness of how harassment and discrimination damage the workplace culture
  • Understanding of how our communication styles may impact perceptions
  • Application of the knowledge to day to day interactions with coworkers
  • Documentation of the increased knowledge and awareness through follow-up testing.

Harassment can be prevented by respect, boundaries and enhanced communication skills. Our training is aimed at using proven teaching methods and coaching to train supervisors to be more observant and aware; and giving them the tools to handle common workplace issues as they arise.

For more information about this exciting new product, contact us at 954 552-5162 or at stuartrosenfeldt@gmail.com