Soft Skills for Supervisors

HRRISKADVISORS is pleased to announce our latest training module; soft skills for supervisors. Our goal is to increase the emotional intelligence and working skills of mid-level or new supervisors. This in-depth 2-hour training focuses on increasing:
• self-awareness
• self- regulation
• motivation and
• developing empathy

We use a series of interactive exercises, roleplaying and group exercises to increase awareness and develop specific skills such as active listening, giving regular feedback, managing conflict and communication. One obvious byproduct of our training is increased civility and cooperation in the workplace which will create psychological safety and enhance employee engagement. Our target market for this exciting program is smaller employers who must watch their employee development budget. We believe that this program can benefit any employer with 10 or more employees. If your company depends upon mid-level supervisors to manage the bulk of your workforce, we can assist you in assuring those supervisors have the awareness and skills to maximize their effectiveness.

We present this training through two facilitators, one having practiced labor and employment law for over 35 years and another who served as CEO of the largest AA owned insurance agency in Broward County who now has an executive coaching practice. They previously Chaired the Broward Chapter of the National Conference of Christians and Jews which provided free diversity training to public school students in Broward County and many other organizations; and have been actively teaching and modeling workplace respect and dignity for 15 years.

While a PowerPoint is used in this training for informational purposes, our training relies upon time tested skills and awareness tools which are highly interactive with the participants. Participants practice skills such as active listening, conversational sharing, giving feedback that will have results and counseling a difficult employee. We prefer smaller groups but can accommodate up to 10 people per session. Our introductory rate for this training is $1500 plus travel expenses if out of South Florida. We believe that is a small investment given the effectiveness of this training, practically guaranteeing a solid ROI!